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Charging Point Operations

Electric Vehicle Charging Point Operations (EV CPO)

Vahanomy offers electric vehicle charging services to current electric vehicles and future automated vehicle industries. Vahanomy wants to be a key market player in the disruptive changes that are coming in the transportation/mobility & civic environment. We are on the cusp of a generational change in the way humans travel, as we respond to changing climate and how our urban, suburban and rural communities are going to be served as we move from fossil fuel-based internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric cars. Currently there are circa 3% battery-electric vehicles on the roads in USA & Europe. This is expected to grow exponentially starting 2022 due to factors such as the growing number of options in electric cars, especially in the affordable car segment.

 Major issues that have held back consumer interest in electric cars is limited choice and supply of electric vehicles, especially affordable cars; fewer desirable models, range anxiety (distance cars can travel between battery charges) in addition to this, charge times for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure are few and inconvenient despite free charging being made available through public sector grant funding.

With the trend towards more affordable electric vehicles, it is expected in the coming years there will be parity of battery electric vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE). This combined with the low operating cost of battery electric vehicles which is significantly lower than the cost of operating ICE based cars will trigger an upward trend in the consumer purchasing battery-operated vehicles. This creates a need to address the gap in the public electric vehicle charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in places where vehicles can charge in a short period of time in easily accessible spaces that will also keep EV drivers usefully occupied while charging the car.

Vahanomy will address the challenges by establishing electric vehicle charging infrastructure at locations where people can spend time usefully like

  • Kerbside charging

  • Retail outlets & Shopping centres

  • Hotels

  • Hospitals

  • Near major highways, trunk routes and intersections

  • Highway services

  • Entertainment complexes

  • Super & Hypermarket parking

  • Community centres/faith-based community centres

  • Development of electric charging hubs that will have workspaces, retail and entertainment

  • Installation of home and business charging stations


Our Vahanomy - Charging Infrastructure as a Service (V -CIaaS) will work with local government, local business, and community organisations to Build, Own/Co-own and Operate electric vehicle infrastructure.

We will also explore the development of dynamic/mobile charging hubs that will deliver charging infrastructure on-demand at venues like music festivals, sporting events, conventions and emergency/crisis requirements.

Vahanomy is also working on developing electric charging infrastructure for micro-mobility vehicles like e-bikes, e-scooters & e-cargo micro vehicles.

Growth in demand of electric vehicle infrastructure will place its own stresses and demands on the electric grid. Where possible we will aim to develop charging stations that are largely powered independently of the grid through renewable energy sources.

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