About Us

At Vahanomy we believe that we can bring equality and transport justice through data-driven solutions that allow stakeholders to make data-informed decisions. Autonomous cars (and affordable electric cars) will democratise transport and bring transport justice by offering mobility to everyone, irrespective of the barriers/inequalities people face. Electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles will result in a reduction of CO2e and decarbonisation of transport. Besides this, there are many reasons for the adoption of both technologies. The challenges ahead of us before we give up fossil fuels, the current high cost of electric vehicle ownership, fears about the range and, inadequate charging infrastructure and later followed then with the driverless/autonomous vehicle the overwhelming fear of losing control of not having a steering wheel. Vahanomy will ​​provide data-driven​ ​​services to the future economy that will have Smart Cities enabled by​ ​ IoT​​ and electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

Electric vehicles:

Through our data-driven solution we are working on improving the charging infrastructure, and parking solutions, optimising the power source that the electric car will be and making the best use of the owner infrastructure to optimise return on investment.

Smart City Solutions:

We will provide Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions to work with local governments to deliver enhanced services to citizens, efficient delivery of local public services and to deliver transport justice.


Autonomous vehicles:

We are working on services based on autonomous vehicles and services for owners and fleet operators of autonomous vehicles, addressing the challenges they will face in the last few decametres (it's no longer the last mile solution!).


What’s in the name, Vahanomy? Vahan is the Sanskrit word for vehicle and the rest of the name is a play on domains that the company will work in, services for an economy based on EV and autonomous vehicles and the autonomy that the driverless/autonomous vehicles have.

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