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chrgr-im.png  is a B2B online marketplace for the Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI) ecosystem that accelerates the rollout of EV charging infrastructure by helping match parking space owners and commercial property owners with EV charging point operators. 

480,000 – that’s the number of publicly available Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points required to be installed in the UK by 2030 according to the UK Government’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). This means that there is a massive requirement for parking spaces, brownfield and greenfield sites to install these electric vehicle charge points that are required by 2030.  matches property owner and locations with EV charging point operators and EV charging infrastructure investors and products and services providers – stakeholders in the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure ecosystem. is a listing and demand platform for potential and existing EV charging sites, EVSE products and services.


Property Owner
Discover the true value of your locations by listing your properties and/or parking spaces for conversion to EV charging points and get matched with Charging Point Operators and EV infrastructure investors.

Charging Point Operator, EV infrastructure investor or Fleet Operator
Save time and resources by discovering locations ready for electrification. List your demand for locations you require for charging points. Find service providers and product vendors locally where you need them.

EVSE Product vendors and Service providers to EVCI
List your products or services for the EV charging infrastructure ecosystem and get easily discovered by CPOs and EV infrastructure investors in your geography of operation. ® also facilitates the trading of EV charging sites and excess EV charging capacity and provides supply and demand insights for the EV charging infrastructure ecosystem allows various parking site owners to be matched with other operators and stakeholders with available sites.


Users of ® marketplace for the EV charging infrastructure ecosystem include the following:

  • Commercial property owners and landowners

    • Offices

    • Business Parks

    • Hotels, BNBs, Restaurants

    • Shopping centres

    • Leisure centres

    • Retail parks

    • Community Centre

    • Owner of greenfield and brownfield sites

  • Parking operators

  • Local Authorities/Councils, public bodies

  • EV charging point operators (CPOs)

  • EV charging infrastructure investors

  • Energy companies

  • Auto companies

  • Planners and engineers

  • Consultants

  • Service providers to EV charging infrastructure ecosystem

  • EVSE manufacturers and accessory providers for EV chargers

  • Battery and power pack manufacturers

  • Parking operators

  • Data and analytics providers

  • Fleet operators

  • Value-added service providers to the EV charging infrastructure ecosystem

  • Independent and off-grid power producers

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