Business Meeting



We are looking for investors, who will bring expertise, a belief in ESG and money, to work with us in Vahanomy for our Stage B funding to develop the MVP for our CHRGR portal, to further build our location intelligence and consulting practice. We need you to grow with us at this very exciting time. We aren’t just looking for money but a right fit. We want investors who share our vision to be a kind company that believes in equality for all, to our colleagues, our customers and the planet, that believes in a future where places will be better connected and smarter to deliver services to residents, a future in which electric mobility, mobility hubs and autonomous vehicles will be used as a service and contribute to the sustainability of our world.

Vahanomy is a company that will provide dividends to investors from gains made by offering innovative services and solutions, while wealth is built from the values we create.


If this interests you then please contact the founder of Vahanomy, Arun Gopinath now. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us now.