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Careers at Vahanomy

We are a diverse and inclusive team who are committed to doing good and being a kind company, committed to being leaders in ESG and data in the mobility and cleantech space. We want team members who share our vision to be a kind company, which believes in equality for all, our colleagues, our customers, our stakeholders and the planet. We believe in a future where places will be better connected, a future in which electric mobility, mobility hubs and autonomous vehicles will be used as a service and contribute to the sustainability of our planet.

At Vahanomy, we believe our work should make a difference to our planet and transport justice. We deliver meaningful value to our stakeholders and the world. We commit to results. We need to cooperate to succeed. We will build a team with diverse skill sets and backgrounds all working tirelessly to make a lasting impact on mobility and climate change.


Our shared vision unites and drives us. We deliver meaningful value to our users and the world. We believe in being a kind company that will build ethical, sustainable, people-centred tech, together with great people, delivering good outcomes for everyone and the planet.

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Changing the future of transportation means thinking differently.


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