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SCOUTIA by Vahanomy
AI-based Location insights and Analysis Tool for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

SCOUTIA by Vahanomy® is an AI-based Location Analysis and Insights Tool for electric vehicle charging infrastructure locations that provides data, analysis and insights through 110+ data points/parameters selected after extensive market research with stakeholders in the EV charging infrastructure ecosystem. The AI-driven tool provides EV charging point operators, EV infrastructure investors and mobility operators,  to assess and select or deselect locations for installing EV charging infrastructure and various mobility hubs. We combine artificial intelligence (AI) with data, sourced from various data sets and geospatial analytics to predict and assess the opportunity,  suitability, viability and risk that potential EV charging locations present before they are selected or deselected. We provide insights and analysis that consider user priorities, risk to capital, infrastructure and end users and the asset through the lifecycle of the proposed EV charging infrastructure asset.

We have carried out extensive studies with operators of heavy-duty vehicles (HDV) and fleet operators to assess locations for siting electric vehicle charging infrastructure for HDVs.

Our analysis and insights can also be used for assessing mobility hubs for various e-mobility, micro-mobility and active travel initiatives, proposed hydrogen infrastructure and other custom location analysis and insight requirements.

As governments worldwide commit to ending the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles. A comprehensive, safe and reliable public EV charging infrastructure is critical for the transition from internal combustion engines (ICE) to EVs to work for all users and stakeholders in the EV charging infrastructure ecosystem. The EV charging network needs to expand exponentially in a manner that is suitable to the needs of users, viable for operators and infrastructure investors, fair and just.


SCOUTIA benefits the following customers, in the EV charging infrastructure ecosystem, with location intelligence, insights and reports to allow data-informed decision-making based on their chosen priorities, parameters and metrics:

  • EV charging point operators (CPOs)

  • EV charging infrastructure investors

  • energy companies

  • independent EV charging service providers

  • auto manufacturers

  • governments, local government and policy bodies

  • commercial property owners

  • consultants

  • apps and value-added service providers

Contact us to find out more about SCOUTIA.

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