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We’re working to accelerate the decarbonisation of transport and faster adoption of Autonomous Vehicles

Vahanomy's AI-driven data solutions for the EV charging infrastructure ecosystem, help accelerate the rollout of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI) and enable the decarbonisation of transport by speedy identification of location and bringing together stakeholders for installing EVCI.  As technologies for autonomous vehicles mature, we aim to provide services that help democratise and accelerate adoption of Mobility as a Service.


Optimising investment, reducing risk and helping accelerate the rollout of the EV charging infrastructure.


We deliver innovative services to accelerate the rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI)  and the adoption of autonomous mobility.

Location Intelligence for the EV Charging Ecosystem and Mobility Hubs

Vahanomy’s Location Intelligence Site Assessment service will help EV charging point operators and other stakeholders in the EV charging infrastructure ecosystem,  to assess the opportunity, viability and risk of potential EV charging sites and make data-informed decisions for selecting and installing EV charging points and other mobility hubs.

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Our market researched 100+ parameters/data points are based on qualitative, quantitative, geospatial and sentiment data that will allow you to compare and make decisions on optimally locating your mobility infrastructure.


We have a comprehensive list of parameters that are relevant to your priorities and those of your end-users. We are flexible with our parameters to make them suitable for your business needs. We look at data from different perspectives and present them in that context.

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A different approach to location intelligence.

Our location intelligence solutions help businesses in the energy and transport sector, especially the EV Charging ecosystem and mobility hubs, to address the multiple challenges they face in scaling up and identifying locations to optimise levels of operational efficiency and return on investment, to take decisions based on deeper, data-driven insights into key parameters, customer demographics and preferences, combined with mapping and geospatial data.

with Vahanomy

We work in partnership with organisations and experts who share our values and vision to achieve transport justice. For mutual growth opportunities, contact us


We are registering early adopters and partners for our - Online Marketplace/Portal for the EV Charging infrastructure ecosystem stakeholders to list locations and services as part of the rollout of our  services.


CONTACT US now to register your interest.



We’re looking for a Business Development Manager to join our team. See all positions and submit your CV.

Invest in Vahanomy

We are looking for investors who will bring expertise in AI, Mobility or Cleantech, a belief in ESG, and share our values on kindness and investment, to grow with us. 

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