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Vahanomy + Bookster partnership to enable holiday property owners to offer EV charging to guests

Bookster and by Vahanomy Logo with TEXT "Enabling holiday property owners to attract new guests, provide a greener guest experience and earn revenue through" by Vahanomy announces partnership with property management software company, BOOKSTER

Today Bookster and by Vahanomy announce a partnership to provide self-catering owners opportunities to earn revenue whilst providing a greener guest experience.

The increase in Electric Vehicles on the road combined with the growth of demand for more environmentally friendly holiday homes brings a unique opportunity for holiday rental owners.

Today, Bookster, a property management software platform announces its partnership with, a B2B marketplace for the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) ecosystem.

The collaboration between and Bookster provides opportunities for self-catering owners to earn revenue by publicly listing Public Charging points installed on the grounds of their holiday rental properties.

Key Takeaways

  • Holiday rental businesses can earn additional revenue by listing their Electric Vehicle charging point for public use.

  • and Bookster partnership is now live.

  • Special deal for BOOKSTER clients on subscriptions

  • Adding Electric Vehicle charging points opens holiday rental businesses to new guest types.

  • Attract guests travelling with Electric Vehicles, and provide a greener experience.

  • Attract guests looking for a more environmentally friendly holiday home.

  • Bookster clients keen to take advantage of this innovative B2B marketplace are invited to take a subscription at a special price.

“I believe moving our business and supporting our clients' businesses towards a more financially and environmentally sustainable future is critical and is a fundamental part of Bookster's sustainability plans. Partnering with is one way that Bookster is committed to helping our clients become more environmentally friendly whilst increasing bookings."

Robin Morris, Managing Director, Bookster

"We are delighted to be partnering with Bookster. This will allow Bookster's clients, holiday rental businesses, to make their properties part of a sustainable future by electrifying their parking spaces which will also make their properties suitable for the evergrowing number of electric vehicle users' needs. Listing their parking spaces on will help property owners connect with EV Charging Point Operators and EV infrastructure investors in finding the most suitable funding and business models while electrifying their parking spaces."

Arun Gopinath, CEO & Co-founder, by Vahanomy

About Bookster

Bookster was started by Tribalogic Ltd. in 2009 as a way to add a 'Book Now' button to holiday rental websites.

Bookster is perfect to help holiday rental businesses create their own website, take bookings, accept payments, manage bookings, market their properties and much more.

About by Vahanomy ® is a B2B marketplace for the Public Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure ecosystem. ® invites property owners with a Car Park space or land to list a potential site for conversion to a public Electric Vehicle charging point.

Charge Point Operators registered on the platform, would express interest in a new site opportunity and connect directly to discuss adding charging point capacity to their portfolio.

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