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Vahanomy is delighted to be successful in receiving funding to support the decarbonisation of HDVs

Vahanomy is delighted to be amongst 12 Scottish companies that have been successful in receiving funding to support the decarbonisation of heavy-duty vehicles.

The second challenge call for Zero Emissions Heavy-Duty Vehicles (ZEHDV) was completed recently by Transport Scotland and Scottish Enterprise through its Can Do Innovation Challenge framework to support innovation around net zero transport. The Can Do innovation challenge call supports Scottish innovators to evaluate the feasibility of their concepts, detail designs and build the commercial case for ideas that will support Scotland’s net zero ambitions and the development of a low carbon economy.

The roll-out of electric vehicles (EV) in the heavy-duty vehicles (HDV) space will be driven by the presence of charging infrastructure, but current provision is very low, and growth in provision is severely restricted by the absence of tools to determine suitable locations based on journey profiles (duty cycles), destinations and requirements for opportunity charging.

The aim of Vahanomy's project is to develop an Artificial-Intelligence-driven software toolset that will support the automated determination of a given location's suitability for HDV charging equipment installation thereby:

1) optimising investments made in the EV charging infrastructure

2) allowing for speedy analysis of the risk, opportunity and viability of potential EV charging locations before they are installed and

3) addressing the skills gap there is in trained scouts for identifying the location of EV charging stations for HDV

The location insights provided will include a diverse group of risk and suitability factors, ranging from pragmatic decisions such as ease of vehicle access to a charging site to strategic and longer-term considerations.

In addition to quantified risk assessment of a large number of relevant variables and factors, the automated analysis will provide an overview report and recommendation based on details of the user's requirements.

For more details about the press release from Scottish Enterprise and the full list of companies that were successful in receiving funding to support the decarbonisation of heavy-duty vehicles:

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