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Vahanomy looks forward to working in partnership with The Edinburgh Earth Initiative

Vahanomy CEO & Co-founder, Arun Gopinath at the Bayes Centre ( Pic courtesy: Bayes Centre/DDE AI Accelerator)

We were interviewed by The Edinburgh Earth Initiative (EEI) to discuss the journey we have taken as a young company developing solutions to optimise investment and reduce risk in the EV charging infrastructure. We do this through artificial intelligence and data-driven location selection to enable the accelerated rollout of EV charging infrastructure. We look forward to working with EEI through our solutions to address the catastrophic effects of a changing climate that are evident all around us. A joined-up approach is required to respond and this depends on global and local partnerships responding at scale and at speed.

EEI was launched in 2021 following COP26 to drive a step change in the University of Edinburgh's engagements with global climate and sustainability challenges to help ensure the University of Edinburgh’s research, teaching, and innovation create just and positive regeneration for the climate. Its vision is a world where its partnerships have made a positive change in the communities most impacted by the global climate emergency.

To read the interview click here

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